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PMS Book 3 PLE
Book 3
by Rory Burke

Project Leadership and Entrepreneurship  - building innovative teams has been significantly updated to include important new developments in the field of project management (PMBOK 5ed and APM BoK 6ed).

This book includes chapters on :

  • Leadership  traits, styles, skills, power, motivation, delegation and empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship  traits, innovative problem solving, spotting and exploiting beneficial opportunities
  • Leading project participants, client organization structures, project organizations, stakeholders and networking
  • Leading project teams, team roles, team development, team building.

 The text uses plenty of exercises and case studies to explain the leadership techniques in a project environment.

Target Courses:

  • University degrees and MBA programmes
  • Executive professional development programmes
  • Team building courses. 

Support Material:

An INSTRUCTOR GUIDE and POWERPOINTS SLIDES are available upon request. Please click  HERE or go to the INSTRUCTOR COPY  page to complete the request form.   

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction Project Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2: Governance and Ethics

Chapter 3: Leadership Traits

Chapter 4: Leadership Vision

Chapter 5: Leadership Styles

Chapter 6: Leadership Power

Chapter 7: Motivation

Chapter 8: Delegation and Empowerment

Chapter 9: Communication

Chapter 10: Entrepreneurial Traits

Chapter 11: Calculated Risk Taking

Chapter 12: Negotiation Process

Chapter 13: Management vs. Leadership vs. Entrepreneurship

Chapter 14: Client Organization Structure View Chapter PDF  

Chapter 15: Project Organization Structure

Chapter 16: Stakeholder Leadership

Chapter 17: Networking

Chapter 18: Project Teams

Chapter 19: Team Roles

Chapter 20: Team Development Phases

Chapter 21: Team Building Techniques

Chapter 22: Problem Solving

Chapter 23: Decision-Making


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